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2024 BTownVBC Skills Sessions


BTown VBC Skills Sessions are a great opportunity for K-6 athletes to learn and practice basic volleyball skills. These sessions are geared towards beginners wanting exposure to the fundamentals of volleyball. Serving, passing, setting, attacking, and basic game play will all be covered by our fun and energetic BTownVBC Staff! 


Sessions will be held at Wilkinson Hall for 1.5 hours from 2 - 3:30pm on Sundays 4/7/24, 4/21/24, and 4/28/24. 


Individual Session Cost: $65

Register for all 3 and save 10%

Session Dates & Registration:

*select ANY link to register for all 3 sessions & receive discount


CLICK HERE to register for -- Sunday 4/7/24

CLICK HERE to register for -- Sunday 4/21/24

CLICK HERE to register for -- Sunday 4/28/24


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